AppCasa is an international business focused on app development, created in 2017 by innovating technology firm NS Ventures. Today, we have head quarters in Stockholm, and offices in Berlin, Manila, and Delhi. The company is run by Swedish leadership with an extensive background from the technology sector, with 30 years of experience in web and application development.  




Ve aim to always create apps that are both innovative and modern, as well as intuitive for the the user. A well designed app always creates the best user experiences. 

AppCasa has since its start had a clear goal - to create both fun and useful apps that makes everyday life a little bit better. 


We aim to release a new app every 4th month. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on new releases and other news.


As we always say - AppCasa es su casa. 

client relations

We at AppCasa value our clients highly and always strive for long term relationships to our clients. 

When we create and app we combine our experience and expertise with the our goal of implementing the wishes of our client in the best way possible.  

We keep in touch with clients even after the app has been delivered, and will help with service and maintenance of the app, and can work on new updates if you so wish. 


NS Ventures “NSV” is focused on creating global leaders with app solutions for internet segments. We build businesses from the ground up, creating value through the highest level of technology development and tested sales and marketing efforts to scale the businesses. 

We understand technology, market evolutions, and the constantly shifting dynamics of business demands and solutions. We anticipate industry demands and are first to market with exciting new offerings for the problems faced by our companies' customers.