an app that fits your needs

We at AppCasa have experience from the whole process of app development, from programming to launch and marketing. Whether you contact us with a full business plan or just an idea, we at AppCasa can help you realise it. 

We are specialists at building apps with the latest technology, optimized for both Android and iOS. This means that with a stylish and functional design, we can help you cut costs for development and maintenance over time. 

re(develop)your apps with flutter

Flutter is Google's new reactive programming language that makes possible app development for iOS, Android and Web, using one and the same source code. Moving your current app to Flutter gives us as developers unlimited possibilities, and enables ut to create well designed apps, that are high performing and cost effective

Because Flutter works excellent with existing code, we can integrate your app smoothly and improve on it. Apps made with Flutter are faster, easier to manage, and can easily be scaled and rebuilt as your business grows.  



We at AppCasa love hearing about new, innovative ideas, especially when it comes to apps. AppCasa is a part of NS Ventures, a Stockholm based venture capital company focused on new technology and start ups. For the right person and idea, it is possible for NS Ventures to invest and help scale the business.Do you have an idea for a great new app? If so, reach out to us and we might just help you make it a reality!